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About Markowski Investments

We are a Tampa-based client-focused wealth management company with a core mission to serve the needs of families and individual investors.

Our mission is to give families and independent investors an honest alternative to wealth management.

Markowski Investments was founded by brothers, Chris, Matthew, and Michael Markowski who were frustrated by the way investors were treated by big Wall Street firms. Prior to launching their firm, the brothers worked in the investment industry and noticed the same pattern: Wall Street neglected its fiduciary responsibility to its clients. 

We believe that everything in life that has meaning, value, and worth involves work, time, and effort.

Family focused financial planning

“An intelligent financial plan is all about preparation. Its purpose is to secure a family’s future, and to do that, it must be holistically based.” – Chris Markowski

We are committed to providing you with unbiased information derived from a variety of highly credible sources. We explore beyond the obvious answers to unearth leading-edge observations about the financial world and their implications for you and your portfolio.

Meet the Markowskis