Account Repair Revisited

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When we first started Markowski Investments, the first program we initiated was our Account Repair Program.  I am showing my old age here, but this was back in the prime days of the pump and dump boiler rooms and many investors that fell victim were most certainly in need of some serious account repair. I went back and took a look at our original brochure.

Fixing holes is what we have been doing a lot of the past couple of years.  So many investors from all over the world have turned to us to rebuild the mess they made out of their nest eggs.  It is funny many of them decided three years ago that we were just too conservative for their liking and took their money elsewhere or continued to make the same dumb mistakes.

Now we are in the position that so many people relish in…

I told you so!

For us, this phrase brings us no pleasure.  We hate nothing more than to see families wiped out and needing to practically start from square one.  On the other hand, fixing holes in portfolios gives us great satisfaction, and we will continue to do so.

We specialize in account repair. We can take the squashed, murdered, hacked and damaged accounts and repair them.

Not overnight

Not by buying speculative junk and hoping to hit a homerun.

Not by keeping the junk that did the damage.

But by…

Diligently taking whatever is left and working with it using some of the world’s top portfolio managers to rebuild your nest egg. We are going to put in place a discipline that can work to get those destroyed accounts back to square one. If you have the patience, we have the discipline.

I most certainly would phrase things a bit differently today.  I do believe that my youthful exuberance played a part in this bit of prose. However, the concept is true and remains the same.  Guess what?  We are most certainly back at it again. The proverbial midnight oil is burning at Markowski Investments.Tons of accounts are coming in, and we are in the process of rebuilding them. I must reiterate we are not magicians. I cannot snap my fingers and restore your portfolio to where it once was overnight. Our motto, everything in life, that has meaning, value, and worth involves work time and effort will get you back to where you were and then some over time.