Markowski Investments’ true value is our
people and reputation.

The relationship we cultivate with our clients is modeled after the doctor-patient relationship. We are an independent Registered Investment Advisory, not beheld to shareholders looking to beat next quarter’s earnings; we serve our clients...period.

If investors were to learn anything from the past ten years, it would be the realization of the tremendous difference between excellent advice, and the rest of the puzzling advice that investors have received from wirehouse brokerage firms, the press, and self-appointed experts.

Unlike other firms, our business is strictly client-based; we cease to exist without them. We place our clients’ interests first, act with integrity and honesty, and strive for excellence in every facet of our practice.

"Everything in life that has meaning, value, and worth involves work, time and effort."


Securities Offered Through Westminster Financial Securities, Inc.

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